Community Development & Engagement

Our communities face challenges including lack of safe spaces, vacant housing, healthy food options, low quality education and drug/alcohol addiction. I will…

  • Strengthen collaborations between service providers and residents to heighten awareness and increase usage
  • Work with the Healthy Communities Subcommittee to implement safe, healthy and stable housing
  • Dismantle existing policies that alienate underserved populations like youth, homeless, and second chance individuals and develop comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of different communities, and build safety for everyone.

Job Creation & Business Development

We need to recruit and retain more businesses to Wilmington and create a welcoming environment. I will… 

  • Support labor union projects such as the Port Expansion to increase career opportunities for local hire of our residents such as Pathways to Apprenticeship
  • Bridge the Gap between potential consumers and businesses owners by incentivizing consumers to invest in our local businesses instead of online purchasing

Health and Safety

Too many people in Wilmington live in unhealthy environments and face challenges around crime and violence. I will… 

  • Support Year-Around Youth Employment Opportunities with Parks and Recreation and youth serving organizations¬†
  • Identify innovative ways to engage healthcare systems in the Community like Christiana Care and Play Streets
  • Address police misconduct and its effects on Black communities and rebuild the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.¬†

Public Works (Infrastructure)

Residents are faced unfair practices with drivability, parking and water bill issues I will… 

  • Coordinate travel-ability for residents to better navigate the City with paved roads and traffic patterns
  • Work with Public Works Department to implement a water bill tracking system 
  • Implement creative approaches to parking issues such as free downtown parking during lunchtime hours, and revisit tickets and towing policies